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  • mrgeeze
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    Playlist total time in the Mac Version would be most useful.
    Its great in the IOS version. Really appreciate it.

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    any idea when the next version is coming out

    ios version
    mac version

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    I write specifically for creating/modifying some kind of “Performance”
    for the product.

    During peformance the most important visible features to me are:
    Transport (start stop,next,prev)
    Song Name
    Waveform (so I can see the endpoint and any audiomark)
    Set list (not as important)

    Most of the other features are not as critical.

    I typically use an Ipad but would love to use an iphone
    But I am 60 and cannot read the font size on a phone.

    I play guitar so my hands are full.
    I do use a blueboard midi pedal and sometimes an expression pedal for volume

    My workflow
    I create setlists in Anytune. Some of my tunes have audiomarks
    I configure a wait period between tunes.

    I start a set and play through all of the songs before a break.
    I prefer not to touch the table while I’m playing.

    If I had a view of the song title in a larger font and perhaps the waveform (so I could see the audiomarks) that would be ideal

    I appreciate the challenges of designing a UI on such a small screen for so many different uses. Perhaps other performers could offer their views.

    Thanks again for making the best product available for my needs.

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    Works for me !

    A multi-file select (or perhaps a folder select) for the ios product would be a great feature.

    Selecting each file manually (when you have 50 or 100) takes some time.

    Thanks again for a great prduct.

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    I get using Itunes/AppleMusic to share Apple playlists.

    I do not use my Itunes library for any work on Anytune.

    I create my setlists (playlists) within Anytune.

    What I don’t see is a way to share the playlist I created in Anytune across devices.
    I understand having to have the same audio files (imported) on both devices.
    I’m merely looking for a way to share the Anytune playlists.
    Right now I have to look at one Anytune playlist on an IOS device and manually set it up on a Mac device.
    Its not the end of the world, just a bit inconvenient.

    btw, on the import, a multi file select for IOS (like it exists on Mac) would be a great feature.

    thanks for all your good work.
    i appreciate the product for my practicing and gigging.

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    support for multitrack wav playback.
    mixer capabilities.
    links to bluetooth pedals for switching/controlling individual tracks

    I realize this is a significant effort and may be beyond the scope of the product.

    It would however give performers the ability to control volume of individual tracks during playback.

    I hope others might be interested in such a feature.

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    in reply to: blueboard midi #5161 |

    This was a big help to get the Blueboard up and running.

    I now have the blueboard configured to
    Next Track
    Previous Track
    Toggle Eq on off

    I used it at a gig last night and it worked perfect.

    Now I would like to control volume.
    If I purchase an expression pedal (say the M-Audio inexpensive Ex-P) to connect to the blueboard.
    IK tells me i can send CC message to the blueboard via the expression pedal
    The question is whether Anytunes allows Master Volume to be MIDI controllable via MIDI CC messages

    From this thread

    Anytune MIDI Capabilities

    I am wondering whether this last parameter (set gain CC7) is what I am after


    can I map Volume Up/Down to be controlled by this?


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    I rebooted the ipad and all seems well.

    Happy to be back using the software

    Still wondering what i did to make the playback bar disappear.

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    I understand your point.
    My suggestion may be useful to those other than performes

    Perhaps a parameter ‘SongNameFontSize’ could be added to the settings.

    Give the user limited choices like small, medium, large, extra large.
    The UI seems to have room to grow in the song title space.

    Presently the font size for the song name is about the smallest font on the page.

    I wonder if others might like it a little larger?

    Don’t want to annoy.
    I really do think a lot of your project.

    My eyes just need a little help.

    Sincerest thanks.

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