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  • Carlos
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    Hi guys. Great job with Anytune, and awesome stuff coming with ReFrame! I tried Anytune a few months ago and loved it. But unfortunately, (mostly due to not enough time, and perhaps too much laziness from my side) the demo has expired so I am considering to purchase it now.
    There are however two features that I have seen implemented at some degree in other choices so I though that I would even suggest them here 🙂

    My feature requests for Anytune:
    1) Is there a plan to include zoom-in/out in the wave view? That would greatly contribute to more accurate loops (which is critical to “loop-based music learning”).

    2) Is there a way to set a marker as “bar”, “beat” or “lose marker” (and let each have some kind of visual distinction)? That helps musicians to come back a few days later and quickly set a loop between bars X and Z, or practise just beat 1 of bar Z.

    One more question: Is ReFrame going to be “embedded” in Anytune if I understand well?


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