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    Anytune Pro is my daily go-to for practice. Now I’m trying to use it for live backing track use. But there is a slight delay from when I press start. Either pressing directly on the iPad screen or via Airturn pedal. I never noticed this while practicing, but in a live context it makes starting a track in time with what’s happening on stage not really possible. I’m using WAV files for the tracks, the latest version of AnyTune, and an Ipad Air. Being off 20-30 msec wouldn’t be the bad, but a second or so delay makes syncing playback unworkable for live use in this way. Am I missing a setting? Or is a start of playback delay unavoidable?
    Thank you!

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    There should be very little delay (msecs) in normal operation.

    Long Tap the Play button to reveal the Play Button Options and ensure Delay Time is Disabled. Delay Time allows you to give yourself some time to get to your instrument.

    If not and we can investigate further.

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    Thank you for the reply, Tony. I verified Delay Time is disabled. I will drop a note to contact-us. Maybe this wasn’t a design goal of Anytune. But for example, I can run a metronome at, say 90 BPM, hit the play button on beat 1, but playback wont start until beat 2.

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