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    Why is the Beta deliver on Anytune OBSOLETE Music Slow Downer – Get Pro+ for iOS?

    What the heck kinda name is that anyway?

    Funny story. Well not really funny but it is a story.

    We originally created the paid version of Anytune. We then created a Free version. Then we created a better paid version and had:

    1. Anytune (Free)
    2. Anytune Pro
    3. and Anytune Pro+

    We realized this was overly complicated for our users, and made the free version a Freemium version that would allow users to buy what ever features the really needed and collapsed the functionality of Pro and Pro+ making them functionality equivalent.

    We would like to remove Anytune Pro from the App Store, but then we would not be able to deliver fixes to our existing users. So we we had to keep the app and changed the name of Anytune Pro to:
    Anytune OBSOLETE Music Slow Downer – Get Pro+ for iOS

    in an attempt to dissuade people from purchasing it.

    The good thing that resulted is the ability to deliver you the Beta version as a different app so you can have both the released version and the Beta version simultaneously.

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