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    Play Next lets you interactively play along with your song by allowing you to seamlessly jump from loop to loop or mark to mark. Play Next is meant primarily for live performance. The idea is that you can break a song up into loops (either using loop marks, or regular marks + auto loop). Then, when you are playing the song back, you can have Anytune move to a new loop anywhere in the song once it reaches the end of the loop or mark that is currently playing.

    It is ideally controlled using MIDI or Airturn type foot pedals or controllers, but it also works just fine by tapping on the screen.

    First tap the PlayNext icon in the Marks menu. This enables Play Next “MODE”.

    Now play your song that has loops or marks.
    Tap the mark, in the mark list, you want to play next after the current section has competed.
    You will see the PlayNext icon appear in the Marks Table indicating it is up Next.

    When the play head reaches the end of the current loop or next mark, the playhead will move to the mark you selected to PlayNext. (and PlayNext indicator will disappear)

    The “Go To (Play Next) on Selection” setting is for Remote Control. When using remote control you can toggle through the marks with Select Previous/Next Mark. if this setting is ON, moving the cursor automatically selects the Play Next position, when it is off the Play Next mark must be explicitly selected using “Go To Selected Mark”

    We have a Play Next demo video here:

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