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  • Jim
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    I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and I am using a demo version of Anytunes. I wrote to Anytunes and asked this question but have gotten no response. This makes me question their “support after the sale”. So the question again is: Can I purchase Antunes ONCe and use it on my MacBook as well as my iPad and my iPhone.


    Tony Wacheski
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    Hi Jim,

    We did not receive your email – it must have gotten lost somewhere along the way, otherwise we would have responded promptly. Thanks for posting to the forums.

    The way the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store are structured makes it challenging for us to offer incentives across the apps in both stores. So Anytune (Mac) is a separate purchase from Anytune (iOS for iPhone and iPad).

    We’d like to be able to do some sort of an “Anytune Mac+iOS Bundle” but we aren’t quite sure how we could accomplish it from a technical standpoint, and also whether or not Apple would approve such a thing. Sorry. 🙁


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