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    I had some songs to practice for a one-time gig, and tried to upload to AnyTune 3.12 on my iPad Air. I forgot how to do this, so checked the User Guide on S3, but it seems a little out of date (couldn’t initially find the Tunes icon). I liked the idea that “Tunes” aren’t part of the Music Library like “Songs” are, because this was only a temp project. So I created a folder under Tunes, uploaded the mp3’s, but now can’t get the new files into the new folder. Under “All Tunes”, I Edit, then select my files, but when trying to move to the new folder, the folder doesn’t show up. Going back to “Tunes”, there’s my folder under the “Anytune Playlists” heading.

    Where should I look for the latest instructions on how the app currently works?
    And what the heck is the distinction between Tunes and Songs?

    Thanks for my favorite app….Lyle

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    Hello Lyle,

    I apologize for the out-of-date documentation. One of these days, we’ll have an up-to-date user guide. We have been chipping slowly away at it.

    Folders are used to organize playlists.
    Playlists are used to organize songs.

    Songs cannot be put directly into a folder. They must be added to a playlist. If you want a playlist can then be added to a folder (but that is optional and depends on how you want to organize your tracks).

    So to start, create a new ‘Playlist’.
    Select the Playlist
    Tap the green + button at the bottom
    At this point, you can choose to import songs directly into the playlist via any import methods. If the songs are already in Anytune, then choose ‘Anytune Playlists’ -> ‘All Tunes’ and select the tracks you want added to the Playlist.


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