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    I have been looking for a video or an explanation on how to use the step up trainer. I understand virtually nothing when I look at it, I don’t know what step count refers to, what step repeat reverts to, what the numbers in pitch increment refer to. 1,51 semi, What does that mean? Would love to use the feature if only I understood the functions.

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    “Start slow and speed up the tempo to practice and master any section of a song. Use the as a backing track or play along to master a difficult solo. Build up to 1.5X the speed so you can kill it on stage.”

    Use the Step-It-Up Trainer to automatically change the tempo (or pitch) after each (loop) iteration. You set the starting and ending values for tempo and pitch, choose the number of “Steps”, the number of times a step repeats and the behaviour when it is all done.
    Tap and hold the Trainer to reveal the Trainer Settings:

    Tap and hold the Trainer button Step-it-Up Loop Trainerto reveal the Trainer Settings:

    You can Enable Tempo and /or Pitch changes, and set the starting and ending values for Tempo and/or Pitch. The first loop uses the Start value and the Last Loop will use the End value.

    The Step Count is the number of changes between the Start and End values.

    The Step Repeat allows you to play a step (same Tempo and Pitch settings) how ever many times you like.

    The Step Count changes how many steps and the range will determine the size of the steps.

    The End Action determines the behaviour after all the steps are completed.

    For Example if you had several loops defined (saved) you could step through the first loop and when it was finished go to the next loop and step through it.

    Anytune displays the Tempo and Pitch increments and the total number of loops based on the settings and works with Loop Delay.

    The Step-It-Up Trainer using the current A and B locations and enables looping when started.

    We are going to start sending out short Pro Tip videos and I will put the Loop Trainer high on the list. Thanks.

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