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    I would like to tell me if there is a command via midi to STOP player and START player and not play/pause function. I use my logic pro x to send cc commands to the ipad when my macbook pro play my backing tracks so the ipad begin play at the same time of my imported to anytune pro muted vocal audio track for scrolling the lyrics.So I have visually the vocal track and lyrics at the same time and all work fine unless i stop playing for some reason. If i stop the logic pro x and start play from the beggining the cc3 command will pause the ipad anytune player the second time because the audio has already playing on ipad.At least i want a semi syncronization so that my stop on logic could mean a stop for anytune and back to the start. Would be nice of course if i pause on logic to mean pause on anytune also and start from there if i play again but i dont know how to do it.

    Could u help me to this?

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    Interesting. There are a couple things to consider.

    1) You can set Anytune to listen to any of the 16 MIDI Channels, or all of them.
    2) You can program any and CC command to initiate any Anytune command.

    However it sounds like you are simply sending a CC3 to Anytune from your MacBook, (which is a Play/Pause) and this does not match the behaviour on Logic Pro X, (which is “Stop and return the playhead to the beginning of the song” / “Play”).

    Anytune does not have a Stop and “Stop and return the playhead to the beginning of the song” command.

    However, If you set Anytune into “Transcribe Mode” – Press and Hold the Play button – The Play/Pause behaviour is changed to “Play from the Start Position Marker” / “Pause”. If you leave the Start Position Marker at the beginning of the song the behaviour will be what you want I think.

    Remember to disable Transcribe Mode to return to normal operating behaviour.

    I hope this help. See “Transcribe Mode” in

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