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    I think this started with the last update, since if I remember well, it did not happen on a previous version.

    When I play a song and press spacebar to stop the song, so I can add a marker on that position, the red position needle bumps (backward and then forward) a little and stops at a different position (a little later).

    To ensure myself this is not just a visual issue, I created a simple HiHat loop and press spacebar on the click. Everytime the needle bumps and stops a little later then intended.

    This makes it hard to add a marker, since now I have to move the markers several times to get the correct position.

    Can I turn of this bump behaviour?

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    Thanks for letting us know you are having a problem precisely positioning marks, I know how important this is. The waveform will sometimes adjust when playback is paused to realign with reality and correct an deviation from sync. That is the intention. We have done some work on smoothing the waveform movement and position accuracy for an upcoming update.

    I often use the M key during playback without stopping to set marks. Close my eyes and tap the M key where I want a mark. If you are using the Space bar to pause the Playhead and then setting a mark check to ensure Fade-Out is not set. It can be set to short as 1/10 of a second. (Right Click Play)

    Marks are placed slightly earlier that the actual button push to account for physical delays, but since this is a very small fixed value it should be imperceivable once you set a few marks.

    I will do some testing with a click track. I have opened a case to engineering to test this functionality.

    If you are interested in beta testing a fix please email support.

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