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    New to AnyTune and loving it thus far.

    As I’m working through a piece I want to learn, I might set an 8-bar loop for a section, Is there a key command to quickly rewind within the loop (to focus on 1-2 measures) without going to my trackpad to drag the waveform or re-setting the loop A>B? Left arrow takes me all the way back to the beginning and Option-Left Arrow works, but it just crawls along.

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    Sounds like you want to go back X measures. We currently don’t move by beats but we hope to in the future. Have a look at for the complete list of Keyboard shortcuts.

    If you have a 8 bar loop you can save it as a Loopmark and them use
    “/” to 1/2 the current selected region between A and B and again to get to two bars
    Then Shift Loop Left and right with “,” and “.”.

    Also check our Transcribe mode. It doesn’t move by measures but it might help.

    See also Cheers.

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    Thanks, Tony. A go back by measure would be awesome, if you did it. Meanwhile, I discovered I can scroll The waveform with two fingers on my trackpad, which is easier than dragging.

    Thanks again.

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