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  • Elliot Sudbury
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    It would be great for Anytune to support bluetooth media remotes like the Satechi range. Volume up/ down works, but play/ pause and prev, next do not. Please can you add support for bluetooth media controllers using prev/ next/ play/ pause ?


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    Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for the question. I believe the Satechi range is sending Bluetooth Media Key (Play/Pause/next/Prev) commands to your iOS device.

    Anytune has the Remote Control Pack as an in-app purchase.
    Remote Control allows you to control Anytune through MIDI devices and BlueTooth keyboards and other Controllers like the AirTurn / PageFlip. It will allow you to map the key presses of a AirTurn (Eg Up/Down/Left/Right) to any Anytune command. A BlueTooth keyboard will allow you to use all the keyboard Shortcuts available on Anytune for Mac for the iOS App.

    Go to Settings > Remote Control. You can try i before buying it.

    Unfortunately, I believe you need to use the Media keys for your device to work. These are a bit more complicated and usually owned by iTunes unless you do some hacking.

    I have opened a case to Engineering to look into supporting the Media keys for controlling Anytune. We looked at this in the past and there were issues, but things may have changed. and I will attach your info to the case so we can let you know when we are working on the fix. I cannot tell you when that may be.

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    Before checking this forum, I purchased a KobraTech QuikPic 2.0 remote control for the purpose of working with AnyTune. I purchased the Anytune Remote Control Pack, too.

    As expected, by default the Up and Down media keys control the volume, and the Right and Left media keys move to the next or previous tracks.

    I was hoping that the Remote Control Pack would allow me to re-map the media keys to other Anytune commands, such as play next or previous mark. Unfortunately, the Anytune Remote Control Pack appears to not include the ability to re-map media keys.

    I, too, would like to see support for bluetooth media controllers.

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