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    I am a new user – attempting to demonstrate to a fellow musician the cool new app. While a tune was playing I moved the speed slider toward the higher speed and somehow produced a pretty terrible loud “feedback” sort of sound. Couldn’t seem to control it with the volume either on the app or on the iPad. I had clearly pushed something that made it most unhappy, and a red band appeared across the top menu. After shutting the app and the iPad down for an hour or so – and fearing I had damaged the speaker – I powered up and it now seems fine; everything works, no red band.

    My question is: what did I do wrong? I definitely want to avoid making that particular mistake again! I will say, also that in wanting her to see the nifty display, I had the iPad upside down to me. Perhaps I moved the speed and volume sliders simultaneously?

    This is a great app! Being able to record, play, modify speed and pitch, and edit easily (once I learn how) with one really attractive and friendly app has been only a dream until now. Thanks!

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    Hi Molly,

    It sounds like you may have accidentally turned on the LiveMix feature. LiveMix lets you mix the microphone input with the song as its playing back. If you don’t have a microphone or headset plugged in, it can get pretty loud. 😉
    For some more details, have a look here:
    You can simply turn it back off to get rid of the feedback and disable the red bar at the top (which means that the device had entered recording mode).
    Glad to hear you like Anytune, and I hope this helps.
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    That’s got to be it. Haden’t even gotten to reading about Livemix yet. Baby steps!

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