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    Hello: I currently have an iPad pro with iPadOs 13.4. It happens to me that with Anytune pro + v.4.4.5 when I change from the application to bluetooth speaker (in my case an iLoud from IK Multimedia) the song’s pitch changes. a tone and something and I’m having trouble switching sound between iPad and speaker (Anytune app icons show you having trouble switching). On the other hand, with applications such as Spotify, Vlc or iPad music it does not happen. I hope they can solve it in future updates because as a musician it has been my star application for years. Thank you very much.

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    Sorry for the trouble. Please to open a request.

    When you change audio destination from the built in speakers to Bluetooth the pitch changes? Does the pitch change show in Anytune on the pitch slider?
    That is really strange,

    Anytune sends the sound to the system audio. It is iOS that routes the audio to the Bluetooth speaker. The Volume and AirPlay buttons in Anytune are shortcuts to the system volume and system audio control. Anytune doesn’t know what destination speaker is being used.

    How are you changing speakers? Are you using the widget in the Control Center?

    What do you mean “Anytune app icons show you having trouble switching”?

    You could try disconnecting audio devices and Restarting Your Device.

    You are slightly behind with your iOS version, but I do not recall BT fixes in the last couple updates.

    Please provide any details and we will try to reproduce the problem.

    Sending us a screen capture or recording of the problem would be fantastic. See How to record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can send large files to our Dropbox folder:

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    Hello, first of all thank you very much for your quick response and your attention. I am a piano teacher and have been recommending its application to all my students for years. Now apart from the good software I can praise your customer support. Fabulous!
    I send a video to the Dropbox link that has been attached to me.
    Yes, when I change the destination, it changes the pitch but only in the sound, not in the slider.
    As you will see in the video, the AirPlay button does not work well when routing to iPad or iLoud.
    I don’t use the control center widget, I do it from the anytune app.
    The AirPlay icon problem can be seen in the video.
    Restarting everything is fixed but it happens again. It can be fixed by turning the volume up and down from settings / sounds. I am using the latest version of iOS 13.6

    One last thing, once the tone change has affected from anytune, all the applications, music, Spotify, Vlc. etc are also affected.
    As you can see in the video, everything works fine, until I use anytune.
    Thank you very much for your attention

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    Thank you for the video. Wow! That is some strange behaviour.

    Thank you for opening a request. I have opened a bug report to design and will contract you directly through the request case,

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