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    It seems to me that Anytune is becoming more confusing with each iteration. For example I can’t figure out:

    1) what the difference is between “Play Next” and “Skip Marks”
    2) how to activate either of these above features.

    I suspect that one – or perhaps both – of these features are related to what I’m trying to do: I would like to playback only continuously any number of sections that I have loop marked (if that’s the correct term) – but only those sections; for instance, just to be clear – let’s say I’ve effected a loop of the first 2 bars of a song, and another loop of the last 2 bars of a song: how can I loop playback in such a way that only those two loops playback in such a way that once the first loop has played through once, the playback jumps to the second loop, then back to the first, etc.

    Tony Wacheski
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    Yes, Anytune has definitely gotten a bit bloated and as a result has lost a bit of focus, and gained complexity.

    1) Skip Marks are kind of like a poor mans audio editor. If you want to skip a section of a song, you can turn a mark into a skip mark, and the playhead will jump from the skip mark to the mark that follows it. You can change a mark into a skip mark by going into the Marks editor, and selecting the top row (which will show Audiomark – Position Mark) with an arrow. Tap that, and you can turn the mark into a skip mark (or back to a position mark).

    Play Next is meant primarily for live performance. The idea is that you can break a song up into loops (either using loop marks, or regular marks + auto loop). Then, when you are playing the song back, you can have Anytune move to a new loop anywhere in the song once it reaches the end of the loop that is currently playing. We are working on a video that shows the potential for the feature. It is really designed to work well with MIDI or Airturn type foot pedals or controllers.

    So you’re almost right in your interpretation, except that Play Next is meant to be adjusted manually by choosing the loop that you want to “play next” after the current loop completes. You can do that by tapping the mark in the marks list.

    Play Next can be activated by selecting the Marks tab, and tapping the icon that looks like a circle with some dots and the playhead triangle in it.

    Tony Wacheski
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    We have added a video and some more information here:
    What is Play Next?

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    Hi, I want to be able to skip part of a tune on playback. I cannot figure out how to do it. Your instructions, above, for using Skip marks don’t make any sense. The top row in my Marks editor doesn’t say “Audiomark-position mark.” It says “go to Previous Mark” and thats what happens when I click it.

    Have I not located the Marks Editor? I’m clicking the word “Marks” in the bar at the top. Where else could it be? This is a great program but it sure does need a users’ manual!!

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    From the marks tab, select a mark.

    Next to the mark is a little info button that looks like an i

    Tap the i button to edit the mark information (mark editor). At the top you will see the row that allows you to change the mark type. Tap the row and then select skip mark.

    Hope that helps.


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