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    Totally new to this so forgive simple questions.
    I have retuned a few songs and would like to alter the order in which they play, how do I do that.
    Also I’m looking to export this tuned playlist to my son’s Mac for replay live. Does my son’s Mac require Anytune to be installed to replay these files or can that be done as long as he has a playback app.
    Thanks, really enjoying the Anytune app, makes playing along with a tuned track so much less hassle.

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    Hi Mike,

    Anytune plays songs and playlists directly from your device’s Music Library through the Songs, Playlists, Artists and Albums categories in Anytune. Anytune cannot add, remove or modify the content in your music library.

    You can create playlists and folders in Anytune. Anytune playlists can include songs in your device’s music library and songs directly imported into Anytune. These playlists and folders are saved as part of Anytune’s config data and do not affect the playlists in your device’s music library.

    Have a look at Playlists and folders.

    You can restore your song data (config) across devices from iCloud or a file. See Your music, Sharing song data (configs) and Sharing songs across devices for the details.

    When you play a song for the first time a record is added to the All Tunes list. The record contains all the settings (tempo, pitch, marks, notes, lyrics,….) including the location of the audio file for the song.

    Anytune allows you to save your song data (config) for all or a single song to iCloud or a file. This allows you to share your music meta data across your devices or with your friends.

    Anytune does not save your song audio files to iCloud (it only saves the data). Data syncing works like a backup and restore. First you backup your song data, then you restore the song data to matching songs on your same or different device that has the same song files. Anytune automatically creates data backups regularly.

    You can sync your songs across using your devices using iTunes Syncing using USB or WiFi, or you can use the iCloud Music Library.

    When you want to restore your work from one device to another:

    1. Sync audio file to target device.
    2. Tap or Click Anytune Cloud
    3. Choose the desired backup file.
    4. Tap Restore All Above

    Alternatively you can Export – Create a new version of a song to share the adjusted version of songs.

    Syncing Songs

    Anytune plays songs directly from your device’s music library and plays audio files that have been imported directly into Anytune through Files Picker/Open-In, Dropbox, WiFi and Email.

    You could use Family Sharing to sync songs across users.

    When you import a song directly into Anytune (using Record, Open-In, WiFi, Email, Files, Dropbox, …) the audio file is stored in Anytune’s private data. These songs are not shared across devices.

    You must Export these songs to a location accessible to your other device and Import them into Anytune, or add them to your device’s music library.

    Keep songs in a Dropbox or iCloud folder accessible to all your devices and import them into Anytune when you want to play them. See also Sharing song data (configs).

    see for more info.

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