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    I have Anytune on my MacBook Air. Love the program! Very helpful in learning music for musicals I am playing in. But I’m having fits trying to get my Playlists organized.

    I am working on the music for Hair. I have two versions of the music in iTunes. One is the Original Broadway Cast Recording. The other is the New Broadway Cast Recording. I have made two Playlists in Anytune, one for the songs from the original cast recording and one for the songs from the new cast recording. The trouble I’m having is that when I bring a song into one of the two Playlists, it also replaces it in the other Playlist. For example, if I have all the correct original cast songs in the “Original Cast” Playlist and then I bring the new cast recording of Aquarius, for example, into the “New Cast” Playlist, Anytune also replaces the original cast recording of Aquarius in the “Original Cast” Playlist.

    Any suggestions you can offer as to why this is happening would be most appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

    Scott Kessler
    Fernandina Beach, FL

    Tony Wacheski
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    Hi Scott,

    I assume in this case that the song title is the same for both the new cast recordings and the old cast recordings? Is there any difference in the album or artist or are they both the same? Can you tell me a bit more about the metadata on each song (i.e.: the album, artist, playlist). Are you dragging them from iTunes into Anytune, or are you using the Anytune iTunes integration to create the Anytune playlist?

    A few other customers have mentioned that they are having some issues with songs that have the same title, and I’m wondering if this may somehow be related. We have to do some more investigation on it – and I will tentatively add your issue to the existing bug report.

    If you create your new and old cast playlists in iTunes, and then access them using the Anytune iTunes -> Playlist integration, does it work there, or do you see problems with it bringing in the wrong version of the songs as well?


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    Thank you for your very prompt response!

    Even if I change the song title I still have the problem. For example in iTunes I renamed Aquarius in the New Broadway Cast Recording to “N – Aquarius”. If I import it to my New Cast Recording Playlist in Anytune it also replaces “Aquarius” in my Anytune Original Cast Recording Playlist.

    The albums are different: “Hair (The Original Broadway Cast Recording)” and “Hair (The New Broadway Cast Recording)”.

    The artists are also different. For example, the artist listed for Aquarius on the original cast recording is “Ronald Dyson”. The artist listed for Aquarius on the new cast recording is “Sasha Allen & Tribe”.

    If I inport “N – Aquarius” using “Add to Anytune” in the File menu:
    1) “Aquarius” is replaced by “N – Aquarius” in “All Tunes” (under “ANYTUNE TUNES”)
    2) “Aquarius” is replaced by “N – Aquarius” in my Original Cast Recording Playlist.

    If I drag the song in from iTunes to “All Tunes” the same thing happens.

    If I have “Aquarius” but not “N-Aquarius” in “All Tunes”, and both of my Hair Playlists, and then drag “N – Aquarius” directly to my New Cast Recording Playlist, “Aquarius” is replaced by “N – Aquarius” in all 3 groups.

    I don’t know how to use iTunes integration.

    WHOA!! Stop the presses! I think I just figured out the problem. The file names for many of the individual songs were identical on the two albums. For example for Aquarius the file name on both albums was “01 Aquarius.m4a”. Changing the name of the song in iTunes didn’t change the file name. If I go to Finder and change the actual file name, it eliminates the problem. Issue solved!

    Thanks again for your very prompt response! Keep up the good work!


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    Thanks Scott,

    That clears things up. I will file a bug-report and see what we can do to fix this in a future update, since it shouldn’t behave that way.

    Instead of dragging and dropping from iTunes itself, you can use Anytune’s built-in iTunes navigation for Albums, Artists, Playlists and Songs. Toggle the Tunes list to show (View menu -> Tunes List). At the top left, there is a section called ITUNES. If you show the section (and give Anytune permissions if it asks), it will let you search and navigate for songs that are in iTunes. The top level categories are Songs, Playlists, Artists and Albums.

    So you should be able to find your Aquarius songs using the Anytune iTunes browser instead of dragging from iTunes itself. You can then drag from inside the Anytune iTunes songs listings over to your Anytune playlists to organize them (or you can use the iTunes playlists directly in Anytune if they are already organized in a way that is useful for you. It’s really up to you).

    All that is to say, that you should not run into the filename problem if you use the Anytune iTunes integration rather than dragging and dropping. One other possible workaround for you would be to open the Anytune preferences, Advanced Tab, and then deselect the “Copy into Anytune…” checkboxes. Then rather than making a copy of the song, Anytune will reference it directly from wherever it is and thus also avoid the file name problem. I should point out that you would need to delete and the re-add the songs in Anytune to get that preferences change to take effect.


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