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    Reading the Anytune 3.0 User Guide, I see there’s a  “Song Info” buitton in the Nav Bar, that should show me things like beats/min.

    I just bought Anytune 3.8 Pro+ and am running it on an iPad with iOS 5.1.1, but I don’t see an “info” icon in the upper right.  Only a cart, a gear, and a ? mark.   How do I see the beats per minute etc for the song?

    Any updated manual?  The 3.0 one doesn’t mention the “Pro+” version, and nothing of the Transcribe Mode I believe was added in 3.5


    Tony Wacheski
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    Sorry about that – the user guide is out-of-date and we have not had a chance to update it. We plan to move to a more web-based model that will be easier to keep up-to-date, we’ve just been very busy with development, and as developers we have a tendency to let documentation get stale. 🙁

    However, the info button did not provide the information you are looking for. It simply displayed some “about this app” type information, which has been relocated under the help button.
    In the middle area of the top toolbar, Anytune shows information about the currently selected song. The info on the left side the middle area is the song title, album and artist. On the right side of the middle area you will find BPM and the # of the track out of the currently selected playlist. The BPM calculation is a best effort calculation, and is not always accurate. You can change the BPM value for the song in iTunes and sync the song and Anytune will use that instead of the calculated version. In our next major release, we will allow you to edit the BPM value directly in app.
    For information about the transcribe mode, please checkout out our YouTube channel:

    This video in particular shows how to use Transcribe Mode:

    Hope that helps.
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