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    MP3 million songs are only 10 cents a piece. Once I download a song to my IPad is there a way to get it into Anytune? Once I download the song the only option I’m really givin as an option to save the audio file is in Dropbox. Looking for options since I can’t use iTunes music anymore.

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    Anytune Pro+ and Anytune FREE with the Import IAP can import songs directly from Dropbox.

    You can import songs into Anytune from within Anytune using Add, or “Copy to Anytune” from within another app that supports Open-In. The other app must support Open-In to push a file into Anytune. Anytune can play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG4, AAC (M4A) files and audio from common video formats. The song files must be downloaded to your device and not DRM “protected”.

    To Import a song directly into Anytune:
    Go to the Tunes Category
    Tap the green plus “+” button from the Playlist you want to import to, to reveal the Add menu
    Choose how to import the song

    File Picker
    Choose “File Picker”
    This provides access to all audio files made available by other applications on your device.
    Navigate to your song file and Tap-hold the Song to import. This should bring up a menu for available actions to perform on the file
    Select “Share”
    Scroll to file Anytune in the list. Tap Anytune
    Anytune will open, and the file will be imported.

    Choose “Dropbox”
    You will need to Link your account if you haven’t already
    Navigate to your files and Tap the Song to import
    You will see a progress circle and the song will be checked when it it imported

    Choose “WiFi”
    Open a browser on the computer you would like to import files from and use URL shown in
    “Listening on http://192.168.#.#:####”
    Click “Choose File”
    Click Upload to Anytune

    AudioCopy (AudioCopy from other app)
    Choose “AudioCopy – Paste”
    Tap “AudioPaste From Pasteboard” to import as new song

    You can Open-In Anytune from another App:
    Open the App that support exporting using Open-In
    Choose the song
    Tap the Share button (app dependent)
    Choose Open-In and select Anytune
    The song will be imported to the All Tunes Playlist

    You can Import from an Email:
    Open the Mail App
    Choose the Email with a song attached
    Tap the attachment to download to your device
    Tap and hold the file icon and the Open-In menu will appear
    Choose Anytune
    Tap the “Tap to Download” icon to download the file

    Anytune will strip the audio portion from any video file that you import. Anytune does play video.

    These songs are saved inside Anytune’s container and saved with a System backup. They are not directly accessible to other apps. You can export them from Anytune to another app or file sharing service that supports Open-In or the Files app.

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