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    Before I actually purchase this, I have a couple of questions. I have a brand new IMAC updated to Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1

    Will this program I’ve put on my IMAC pose a problem with your music program?
    Will any tune that is in my itunes library be able to be used on your program?
    Also, on my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone, I have an app called Hi-Q MP3 player. If I can get a song from it, to itunes, will it play on your program?

    Does your program, plot out the notes….like in guitar tab or music notation? or is this basically just a slow down the tune to learn it app?

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    You can try Anytune on your Mac FREE for 30 days.

    Anytune works on Sierra. Anytune can play songs directly from your iTunes library. You can search the Songs, Artists, Playlists and Album iTune categories. You can also play songs out of your library and import them directly into Anytune.

    Anytune plays MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC (.m4a) and Apple Lossless music files. Anytune will also extract the audio from most videos files. Anytune cannot play DRM protected file, but there are not many of them anymore.

    Anytune does not currently plot the notes, You can add your own text Lyrics or TABs that will scroll to the position in the song.

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