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    If you are running Anytune or Anytune Pro+ and you now have Anytune Pro Beta to may want to transfer your songs and settings from one Anytune app to another Anytune.

    Here is how:

    If you are playing songs from your device’s music library all is good for songs. All Anytune apps will have access to these songs. Just search for your songs as usual, nothing to do to get songs on the Beta version

    If you have songs that have been “Imported” through Record, Dropbox, Email, Open-In you will need to Export the song from one Anytune to the other.

    Export your song on original Anytune:

    1. Play (load) the song you want to export
    2. Tap the sharing button
    3. Choose “Export Song
    4. Select “Original Song
    5. Select the Export Method: Email, Open-In or Copy
      All will work. Copy doesn’t require a middle step/app but will not maintain the Songs Title, Artist Album.
      If you are using DropBox (or alternative) Open-In works great.

    Importing your song on Beta Anytune:

    1. Go to the Tunes Category Tune Folder
    2. Tap the green plus “+” button from the Playlist you want to import to, to reveal the Add menu
    3. Choose how to import the song

    Sharing Meta Data

    Anytune allows you to save your song data (settings, lyrics, notes and marks) for all or a single song to iCloud or a file. This allows you to share your music meta data across your devices or with your friends. Anytune does not save your song files to iCloud (it only saves the data).

    Data syncing works like a backup and restore. First you backup your data then you restore the data to matching songs on your same or different device that has the same song files. When you restore your settings and marks onto another device the song file must be there. Anytune associates the song data with the song file based on song Title, Artist and Album – these must match.

    In this case you are restoring on the same device between apps. Not the usual scenario but here is how:

    When restoring files will display Imported, Importable or Not Found. If Not Found you will need to sync that song to your music library or import it into Anytune before restoring the data.

    Saving your config on the original Anytune:

    1. Tap the cloud Tune Folder
    2. Tap “All Songs
    3. Enter a name and Tap Save

    Restoring your config on Anytune Beta:

    1. Tap the cloud Tune Folder
    2. Tap you just saved. In the “Import from iCloud” section.
    3. Tap “Restore All Above” or pick and choose the songs you want the data for.

    Hope that helps.

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