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    I have the Mac version of Anytune and have quite a few songs now with various markers for looping sections, identifying start of lead breaks etc.
    With the iPad version either free or pro is there a way of porting in all the songs markers? Would seem to me that both apps aught to sink this information automatically doesn’t seem to?


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    Anytune allows you to save your song data (settings, lyrics, notes and marks) for all or a single song to iCloud or a file. This allows you to share your music meta data across your devices or with your friends.

    Anytune does not save your song files to iCloud (it only saves the data). Data syncing works like a backup and restore. First you backup your song data then you restore the song data to matching songs on your same or different device that has the same song files. The songs must be downloaded to the target device before restoring the datas.

    You can sync your songs across using your devices using iTunes Syncing using USB or WiFi, or you can use the iCloud Music Library.

    When you want to restore your work from one device (i.e. Mac) to another (i.e. iPhone).

    On Mac: (source)

    1. Click CloudCloud > Export to iCloud… – OR – Menu > File > Config Export > Export to iCloud…
    2. Choose “All Songs”, enter a name in the “Save As:” box, and Save.
      Backups are also created automatically so this step is optional.

    On iPhone: (target)

    1. Tap Cloud Cloud
    2. Choose the desired backup file. Tap Restore All Above

    See “Sharing (Syncing) Song Data” for the details.

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    Excellent. Many thanks for that.

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    Nice kind of information here thanks

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