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    Hi there. Anytune is awesome. I use it almost daily.

    iTunes, on the other hand, sucks. Anytime I try to use the iCloud music option, it ends up screwing around with my library – messing up titles, artwork, etc. The last straw was when it decided to take all my music to the cloud… which left me without any local files that could be pitch corrected. I couldn’t practice for a week.

    I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way I can separate iTunes from Anytune? Or maybe I just need to give up on Apple Music and use Spotify for cloud-based listening.

    Give me your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks! We are glad you like it

    Apple iCloud Music Library provides the advantage of keeping a copy of all your music in the cloud and easily available to all your devices. However, there can be issues. The objective is to simplify your life, but there are some challenges. Apple wants you to go all in.

    One alternative is to not use iCloud Music Library and manually:
    Sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using your computer (USB, WiFi). This leaves all the files in place and will not make changes to your meta data, but you may need to manage the space on your device’s more carefully.

    Anytune plays song directly your library but they files need to be downloaded to your device. When the songs are in the Cloud you will need to ensure the file is downloaded
    to your device.

    You can use iTune Music Library and download all your songs.

    Enable Automatic Downloads:
    1. Open Apple’s apple-ios-settings.pngSettings app
    2. Tap Music app
    3. Enable Automatic Downloads
    Automatically download music when added to your library so you can play it in Anytune.

    You could also create a single Playlist that contains all your songs. See “Download All songs to your device” in Songs are missing on iPhone and iPad.

    This will not address “messing up titles, artwork, etc” but allows you to play songs in Anytune on all your devices.

    We have collected some Apple links to hep you understand how iCloud Music Library works, but it is difficult to keep up. See Helpful Apple Links.

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