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    I use a Behringer Guitar Link UC6102 USB guitar/headphone interface via a camera kit USB adaptor (iPad v3, iOS 5.11) and it works perfectly with all my other apps such as Ampkit and Auria. In Anytune there are some issues. Firstly it comes through on the left channel only (the balance slider in the app cannot control this, it seems to be getting a ‘one-legged’ input). Also, once in a while there is a sudden increase in hiss on that audio input (I think this might just be on the ‘silent’ right channel). Cycling the input on/off button in the app stops this hiss (the Mic icon). Is there maybe an issue with the handling of mono inputs?

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    Anytune has three balance modes. Use Balance (Mono) when connecting a Guitar which is usually mono. This should be the default for Input. This setting will deliver the single channel guitar input to both output channels.

    Tap and Hold the Balance/Pan button Balance/Pan Buttonfor Inout to reveal the Input Pan Mode menu.

    Choose Balance (Mono)

    I hope this helps. if you are still having problems

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