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    Even if only one second, though it would be best if we could set the duration of the pause ourselves.

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    You can insert a brief pause by using ReTune.

    ReTune allows you to change audio attributes at marks. Create marks where you want to make changes and you can adjust audio values including tempo, pitch, gain, pan OR add a pause at each mark. Drop the pitch by one semitone at Mark 1 and increase the tempo to 1.2X at Mark 2. This works on both iOS and Mac versions.

    Here is how on iPad (other devices are similar)

    1. Create a mark at the position where the pause is desired
    2. View the Marks List, Tap Songs, Select Marks
    3. Enable Retune ReTune Button – you will see a Orange bar across the screen.
    4. Tap the Info Button (i) the Mark
    5. See the ReTune settings for that mark.

    6. Adjust the Delay Time. This will insert a pause in the music.
    7. Tap Play
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