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    I’ve added music to my iPhone, but when attempting to open those titles in Amytune they can’t be found. These titles aren’t protected, and they are DEFINITELY located on my phone.

    I do not however synch with iTunes to add and remove music. Is that necessary? How can I get around it?

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    You do not need to sync your device. Anytune can play songs that are physically (downloaded) to your device’s music library. You can also import Songs directly into Anytune Pro+ (or with the Import Pack) through Open-In, WiFi, DropBox, AudioCopy.

    If the iTunes categories Songs, Playlists, Artists and Albums are empty you may need to explicitly allow Anytune access to you device’s music library:

    1. Go to the Apple’s Settings app > Anytune > Enable Media Library > Toggle ON
    2. Go to the Apple’s Settings app > General > Restrictions > (Privacy) Media Library > Toggle ON Anytune (If restrictions are enabled)
    3. Restart Anytune

    Anytune should automatically show you songs that are in your music device’s library. Play these songs directly from the Songs, Playlists, Artists and Albums tabs in Anytune. To play a track from one of those lists, simply tap on it. Once a song is played once the song is added to the Tunes category and All Tunes. These song’s settings, marks, lyrics, … are remembered.

    If you are not seeing anything in those lists or missing a specific song, then it could be that the songs are not in your library (1) , or (2) the songs are waiting in the cloud. Your song file must be physically on your device and not DRM protected.

    1) Go to the Music App and try to play the song. If you can it should be visible to Anytune.

    2) If the songs are in the cloud and have not be physically downloaded to your device they will not appear in Anytune. Go to the Apple Music app and tap the “Download from Cloud” button. Unfortunately, Anytune cannot tell the Music App to download a song. if you need more help.

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