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    First off, apologies if this topic has been covered before; I did a search and didn’t find anything.

    I’m not currently an Anytune user, but am looking forward to getting it, hence my question. Is it easier to use Anytune on a Mac vs. an iPad? I’m happy to spend the money for one or the other, but not both, and I’m sure that buying Anytune for iPad will not entitle me to the Mac version, or vice versa.

    So I’m hoping someone here who has experience with Anytune can recommend which you’d get if you were only going to get one. Thanks in advance!

    John Liles
    Decatur, GA

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    Hi John,

    Both versions of Anytune are almost equally capable. There are some small differences. The Mac version doesn’t have a builtin Record capability but you are on your Mac and can drag a file in very easily. The Export capability is an additional purchase on iPad but included in Mac. Both versions will play files directly from your Music Library or allow you to import files directly into the App. You can see the feature comparison Your work flow matters if you want to portability and are happy working on an iPad that may be the better choice. Anytune has a Freemium version so you can try it out and the Mac version has a 30 day trial version Check out

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    I think IOS is better and easier to use.

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