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    I don’t really understand this process. Without purchasing the add-on, what information can I move from one device to another? If the same song is within the Music app on both devices, do I need to purchase the export add-on or can I just move the information about tags, loops, etc.? I’m not really understanding how to do that. I tried email, but that didn’t seem to work.

    Tony Wacheski
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    Anytune will let you exchange the song metadata (marks, tempo, pitch, eq, lyrics etc) using iCloud or via email. That is built in. We have a video here that shows the process using iCloud, but you can do a similar thing via email.

    So as long as both songs are available to Anytune on both devices, it should ‘just work’. The key thing here is that Anytune does not move the song files themselves – it relies on them either being sync’d to each device using iTunes (recommended) or you have to import the song into Anytune yourself first (say from Dropbox or whatever) before it will be able to apply the settings that are exchanged using the iCloud/email mechanisms.

    The export purchase is only if you want to export a tempo/pitch adjusted version of a track. It is not necessary for the purposes of exchanging metadata between devices. If by some chance you have a song on one device, and not on the other you can make use of the ‘Original Song’ export, which will let you move the original song file out. There is no add-on required for that.


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