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    I used a slow downer app called Music Trainer that I was very happy with, but it stopped working so that I could no longer import songs, and it seems as if the developer is no longer supporting it. I chose Anytune as a replacement, and it is much, much more complex a program, which may be very good for me eventually, but for now I just want to do some simple things. The main things I want to do are to save imported songs in a list for easy retrieval, which seems fairly simple, and also save a list of loops for each songs under names like, Intro, Solo, Bridge, etc. That function I am having a hard time figuring out, and I’m not even sure it’s possible. I have used the A/B for creating a loop, and I get that to loop fine. Now, I would like to save that loop and create more. Is that possible? I have printged the User Guide and read it, but there’s so many buttons and so much functionality that it’s somewhat confusing. Can you explain to me how to create several loops within one song and save them under specific names for later retreival? Thanks.

    EDIT: I use iphone and ipad, usually iphone.

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    You can definitely save multiple loops. We have an FAQ entry here that describes the process:

    How do I create and save multiple loops?

    You can also name marks whatever you like – we have built in presets for things like Intro/Bridge/Solo and you can also add your own.

    If you haven’t watched the Quick Start Video, I’d highly recommend it. It shows the basics in a couple of minutes. Tap the ? button, and then select “Quick Start Video”.

    The user guide is still, unfortunately, way out of date. We are making progress on a new one, but it still not yet ready for prime time.

    I’d suggest going through some of the videos on our YouTube channel – there are quite a few things there that will help to get you past some of the initial hurdles.
    You are correct that Anytune is a complex app. With great power comes the possibility of great confusion. 😉

    And of course if you have any more questions, feel free to post here, or drop a note to our support email address and we’ll be happy to help.


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    Thanks for the quick response! I feel better already knowing that support is available when needed. I’ll check out the resources you listed.

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