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    Can somebody please explain how I program my midi piano keys to control Anytune ?

    I see in the Remote function of Anytune how to select midi CC’s to control Anytune. But how do you map midi piano keyboard depressions of specific keys to corresponding midi CC’s so as to control Anytune with my midi piano keyboard ?


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    Hi Bob,

    If you go into the Anytune Settings > MIDI settings, you are at the place to do the configuration.

    – Start by turning on the “Enable MIDI In”
    – Select the Channel your MIDI keyboard or other device is using
    – Tap the Channel Controllers line to configure the details.

    – You should see a list of commands, and the MIDI controller they are defaulted to
    – Tap the command of interest (Play or Pause), if you want to change it’s value
    – Manually set the MIDI controller number, or…
    – Tap “Learn MIDI Controller”, then trigger the MIDI event by pushing the button or key on your MIDI keyboard or device. Anytune will use that number for this command.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW – I think this is a really useful feature that lots of people don’t know about. I like using my midi keyboard’s high keys as quick buttons to play/pause, and jump around in marks.

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