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  • Tony Wacheski
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    The autoscroll feature added in Anytune 3.9 links the playhead position to a percentage of the position of the lyrics text. It is a very simplistic approach to scrolling. 

    You can edit the lyrics to some add blank lines to space it out so that the lyrics will better line up with the text. 

    We realize this is very simplistic, and hope to make it easier to line the lyrics up to the music in the future.

    Check out this video which shows how to make use of the auto-scrolling

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    I love everything in this application.I’m only having trouble with autoscrolling. If the song has a lot of lyrics, they show delayed. If I add spaces they will show even more delayed.
    Synchronization should be based on time so the phrase singed on the song appeared in the middle of the screen.

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    The lyrics text alignment will generally be near the top of the screen, rather than the center. I can certainly see that if you were expecting to use the middle of the screen that the lyrics would appear to be delayed. Normally with most songs you could just add extra lines at the beginning of the lyrics text to push them down towards the center as the starting point. And indeed, since most songs usually begin with instrumental followed by lyrics some number of seconds later, that often works out.

    In your case, you might try adding some extra lines at the end of the lyrics text. i.e.: after the lyrics. This would cause the lyrics to scroll faster and push them further up the page if they aren’t appearing in time.

    It may be possible for us to change the lyrics positioning to assume more of an offset, however at this point where many people have lined up their lyrics based on the current behaviour, it would potentially impact a lot of people to change it now. Ideally, something more like a Karaoke type setup would probably work best, but that is probably a whole other app unto itself to get all of the lyrics positioning setup.

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