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    Update! Here’s a great Youtube video on how to use this technique with Anytune 3.9:

    Uli Lauterbach of the Word Up Band uses the LiveMix EQ, time-stretching and transposition to help him learn funky basslines from his favourite songs.

    “With Anytune I finally figured out the concept of James Jamerson’s bassline on ‘For once in my Life’ by Stevie,  you tell me if Jamerson wasn’t from another planet” – Uli

    Checkout this example on Soundcloud with four versions of one piece of this song including:
    1. The original
    2. Using the FineTouch EQ to emphasize the low notes. 
      One Resonant Low Pass filter at 1.37kHz and resonance of 5.0.
    3. Now, slow the tempo to 0.65X. 
    4. The interesting part is when Uli raises the pitch two Octaves. 
      This allows you to hear nuances in the original performance that were previously really difficult to hear.
      Check it out and hear for yourself. 

    Thanks for sharing Uli!
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