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  • Dave
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    I often use the Mac version or connect my midi foot pedal to the iPad app. Is it possible to hold space bar or a key to start and when I let it go it stops play? So if I was in transcribe mode and I let go of the key or midi button, it automatically goes back to the start position?

    If this is possible already, how do I set it up?


    Tony Wacheski
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    Hi Dave,

    Anytune does not currently offer a mode of operation that behaves that way.

    If you have transcribe mode enabled, and have play/pause mapped to the foot pedal, then one tap of the pedal would trigger playback. A second tap would stop playback, and a third would take you back to the start point and trigger playback.

    I can see how your approach might be a nice alternative though. As far as foot pedals are concerned, it can vary with the signals the MIDI device sends. In general, to be the most compatible with the various devices, Anytune operations are trigger (or edge) based as opposed to sustain based. From a keyboard perspective (MIDI or computer keyboard), it is of course possible to detect a key down vs a key up. We aren’t currently planning a feature like this, but if more customers are interested in it we would see what we can do.


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