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    Hi there. First off I would like to say how great this app is; I use it every day to listen to my music and I’m very happy with it. I recently encountered a serious issue when I got a new phone and backed up all my data onto my itunes, then restored it on the new phone only to find that all my anytune songs were gone.

    My Anytune songs that were on the app on my previous phone were comprised of songs I purchased from iTunes, as well as songs I transferred from my Dropbox. They all worked after moving them onto the app. After upgrading my phone (iPhone 5c from iPhone 4) I backed up my phones contents onto itunes so that it can be transferred onto my new phone. After doing so, I restored the contents onto the iPhone 5c only to find that the majority of my apps were not transferred (including Anytune) After talking to Apple support about this issue, I learned that because I created my own iTunes account a few months earlier that was separate from my family’s, and that I set up the new phone using my new account, any apps that were purchased using my new account would be transferred onto my new phone, but not all the ones that I purchased on my old phone using my family’s itunes account. It should be noted that I purchased Anytune using my family’s iTunes account, so it did not show up on my phone (oddly, a few apps purchased with the old iTunes account were restored successfully, but that’s irrelevant to this post). In order to fix this issue, I was told my apple support to log into my app store using the old iTunes account and download Anytune for free, which I did. When I first opened the app, I saw that all my songs on the app were still there, but they would not play because they would have to be put back into the application (I don’t remember the exact wording). I don’t know why I decided to do this next, but I then deleted the app again and re-downloaded it (still using the old iTunes account). When I went to open to app up again this time, there were no songs at all!
    I am currently stuck at this stage, and I was wondering if there’s any way I can get my songs back.


    Tony Wacheski
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    The App Store cross account thing is annoying.

    I have some ideas as to how I can help – but given this particular situation it would probably be best if you could contact us directly. Make sure you keep your backups handy – you’re going to need them again. 😉


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