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    Last night I paid the expensive prize on App Store to download Anytune Pro+ and it said that AnyTune Pro+ has full functions. However, earlier today I opened the app to output the tuned music but it turned out that it only output the first 20 seconds of the tuned music with the following watermark ad playback. I was shocked and frustrated and I spent another money to unlock the output feature without the watermark ad playback.
    After searching on Net, I feel like I was cheated and have paid the fee twice. Although this is a powerful app that could tune the music really well, I hate to be lied and I really want to take my money back. Please help me on that, thank you!

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    Anytune’s product structure grew up over many years. We try to make the product structure clear and do mot intend to mislead anyone.

    I am sorry for the confusion. Anytune Pro+ has two optional features purchased through In-App purchases. These features are not needed by everyone so they are offered as options.

    Apple handles the purchases and refunds for all App Store purchases.

    Go to the receipt Email “Your receipt from Apple.” for Anytune and click the Report a Problem link in your Email and ask for a refund.

    anytune.us/contact-us if you have any more questions.

    Anytune (Free) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anytune-slow-down-music-bpm/id415365180
    Provides all the core features for free including Pro quality time stretching and pitch shifting, looping lyrics display, built-in recording, direct access to your devices music library, folder/playlist support, shuffle, limited audio marks, sharing, and more. This is a very capable music slow downer that can be upgraded to be equivalent to Pro+ through In-App purchases of the the following packs:
    Basic – Ads Removed, Custom Skins and Settings, On-Screen Volume Control and Airplay
    Pro – Unlimited Audiomarks, Step-It-Up Interval Trainer, Fine Adjust Tempo and Pitch , Music Gain and Pan Control , Delayed Playback Start, & Transcribe Mode
    Studio – HQ Audio Quality, ReFrame, FineTouchEQ, LiveMix, Fade-In/Fade-Out, Play Next
    Note: These packs are incremental. Basic is a prerequisite for Pro, and Pro for Studio
    Import – Dropbox, WiFi, Open-In, E-Mail

    Anytune Pro+ ($14.99US) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anytune-pro+-music-practice/id478293637
    Provides all the core features and includes the feature packs: Basic. Pro, Studio and Import in one purchase.

    There are also two more IAPs Add-Ons for both versions:
    Export allows you to export “Tuned” (any adjustment) tracks or loops to Email, Open-In or even back into Anytune. A teacher could provide 1/2 and 3/4 versions of a song to a student who does not have Anytune.
    Remote Control allows you to control Anytune through MIDI devices and BlueTooth keyboards and other Controllers like the AirTurn / PageFlip.

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