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    Not sure the best place to put this but hopefully feedback area is correct.

    Ive been comparing transcribe to anytune with a view to buying one of them. I use it for transcribing and working with guitar. So the MAIN use required for transcribing is to easily be able to grab a loop and alter it, slow track down etc. I have got to say while i REALLY like anytune (its GUI is very nicely presented and user friendly) the ability to use the mouse to just click and drag over an area to set a loop on transcribe is light years better than having to set the A & B tabs. Is there anything in the pipeline that would allow me to say hold down a key and just drag over an area of the tune to automatically set the loop A/B area ? This in my personal view would then elevate anytune over transcribe and its the one feature that has really put me on the fence about which to go for.

    Kind regards.

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    You can click and drag on the timeline (top of the waveform) to set the A and B positions with the mouse.

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    Awesome, thanks very much Tony. That works nicely, purchase coming up 🙂

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