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    I have some music that is slightly out of key and would like to use the tuning function so I can play along to it on the piano. I can only find tuning by semitones, but what if the original recording was slightly out? Any ideas? I can’t believe this isn’t here, since it’s so central to the whole concept, so maybe I am missing something? Otherwise I guess it’s a feature request…

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    Anytune’s scroll sliders provide both semitone increment/decrement and finer tuning with the slider.

    Increment by 1 semitone with the Sharp and Flat buttons. Drag the slider to adjust by cents. Double-Tap to toggle between normal tempo and the previous value set.

    The fine tuning is available in Anytune Pro+ or in the Pro Pack in-app purchase (which required the Basic Pack). See

    See Basics in the User Guide :

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