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    I do like your project and find it more helpful than other practice tools I have used

    I wish use your software to perform live music.
    I like the playlist function and plan to together sets for performance.

    My only issue is that the display of the song name (title) may be too small to see on stage.
    If on could make that larger it would make it easier to see the song, especially at song change. Sometimes I can’t remember the entire set in perfect order.

    It looks like there is plenty of real estate on the UI to effect this request.
    But of course I don’t know how much work is invovled to implement.

    But it would be very helpful and allow me to use your product in performance.
    I would like this very much.

    Again, a great piece of code and worth the cost for the Pro+ upgrade

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    Anytune has been adopted my many performers to use on Stage. While that is very cool, unfortunately that was not its original intention.

    We have been collecting feedback from performers and we would like to make some improvements specifically addressing the needs of performers. Unfortunately, it is not currently scheduled and I cannot say when it will be available.

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    I understand your point.
    My suggestion may be useful to those other than performes

    Perhaps a parameter ‘SongNameFontSize’ could be added to the settings.

    Give the user limited choices like small, medium, large, extra large.
    The UI seems to have room to grow in the song title space.

    Presently the font size for the song name is about the smallest font on the page.

    I wonder if others might like it a little larger?

    Don’t want to annoy.
    I really do think a lot of your project.

    My eyes just need a little help.

    Sincerest thanks.

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    When you you need to see the song title? Are you using a iPad or iPhone?
    Do you what the Song Title larger in the title bar or in the songs list?
    Is the title alone sufficient? Remove Artist and Album and only show Title?
    What is your workflow?

    Sorry for all the questions. We would like to help but want to ensure we really do. Any more details or suggestions would be helpful.

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