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    I’m struggling with the EQ Presets. When I set the filter “Isolate drums”, all works fine, I can hear the drums better.

    But if I try to make the reverse, suppress drum frequencies to create a play along without drums, as promised in the manual, I do not find the button to do so.

    Could you please help or redirect me to a post with the solution ?

    Thanks so lot.

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    Hi Peter,

    Drums are very difficult to suppress without losing at lot of the other instruments and vocals because frequencies range across the spectrum and their are generally positioned in the center of the stage.

    The EQ in Anytune has a number of presets created for some common objectives. We do not have a button the invert an enhance preset to an suppress. Unfortunately, It isn’t a matter of reversing the settings to turn an enhance into a suppress.

    You can also use PAN capabilities to focus on a instrument that is on one side of the stage.

    ReFrame allows you to “crop” sound. You can include or exclude the frequencies inside or outside the window. The vertical range represents the frequencies and the horizontal range represents the position on stage.

    If the instrument or vocals are contained in a unique position on stage and frequency range they can be soloed or muted. This will definitely work better for some songs than others. This has a mute and solo options which invert the cropoed sound.

    Have a look at for some additional information.

    The FineTouch EQ allows you to adjust the gain for specific frequency ranges. The Isolate EQ presets attempt to boost the frequencies used by a specific instrument and suppress the others. However, all songs are different and many instruments share many of the same frequencies. Specific instruments can be difficult to isolate with EQ settings because they have very wide dynamic range.


    You will not be able to achieve complete instrument isolation. But hopefully you will be able to modify the sound to improve your ability to focus on your instrument.

    EQing is a an art. The EQ presets will provide a place to start. You can then adjust the ranges for the best results for your song. Anytune saves the EQ settings for each song. If you get a setting that works for you, you can save it as a user preset and use it on more than one song.

    Tap the EQ List button and then plus (+) at the button right to save your own EQ Presets.

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