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    I love using Anytunes to refresh my memory of traditional folk tunes on the fiddle. I have an Anytunes playlist called “Repertoire”. Often, I’ll play through the playlist with shuffle “on”, hitting “next” with a footpedal to randomly make my way through the list. Works great.

    I’d also like to sort my repertoire playlist by “date played” so I can play the oldest first…and thus in the order of most likely in need of refreshing. However, there is a problem with this workflow. I can sort tunes by date played in reverse order just fine. However, when I play the oldest tune, Anutune automatically re-sorts the list so that the current tune becomes the last tune in the playlist. Superficially this behavior makes sense. But it messes up the workflow because I can’t play the next oldest tune as I’m now at the end of the playlist and there is no “play next” “wrapping” functionality.

    I see two fixes to this:

    Allow for “wrapping” of playlist…when you’re at end of playlist, hitting “play next” will go to the beginning of the playlist.


    A playlist on “date played” sort does not update automatically unless one exits the playlist or some other trigger.

    Does this make sense? Am I missing some other functionality that will allow me to conveniently play through my tunes in reverse order last played?

    Love the app. Thanks for any help or possible feature enhancements.


    Tom Parent
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    I think I just found a solution to my own question:

    I see there is an option for “Playlist Repeat” under “Playback Options” settings in iOS. This provides the playlist “wrapping” functionality I was looking for.

    Sorry to waste your time. But perhaps this post will be helpful to someone else with the same issue.


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    Thanks Tom. Glad you answered your own question and agree that it may be helpful to others.

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