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    I’m interested in shortening songs, or deleting dead space at the end or beginning of songs. How do I cut parts of songs or reduce the amount of the song that I export?

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    Anytune does not have any built-in facilities for editing songs.

    However, you can make use of Skip Marks to jump over sections.

    Create 2 marks:
    The first at the beginning of the section you want to skip
    The second at the end of the section you want to skip

    Open the Mark Editor panel
    Tap the Info button next to the first mark you created
    Select the “Position Mark” type and change it to “Skip Mark”

    Now when you play the song back, playback will jump from the first mark to the second mark.

    If you use the export feature, the export will also take into account the skip marks, and will only export the other parts of the song.

    If you want to export a smaller section of a track, you can also just setup a loop and enable loop mode. Then it will only export the section that is within the loop.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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