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    I am transcribing parts of an English presentation that has a lenght of more than an hour.

    I just need a few parts in between e.g. minute 3 to minute 4,5. Can I mark this section and cut it out to have an entirely new audio file?

    This much shorter file makes it much easier for me to have an automtic transcriotion in Dragon naturally speaking. Since the presentation is so long, Dragon has difficulities handling it and I would have to search the entire transcript for the relevant parts.

    Once I have the Dragon transript it still needs a review. Anytune is ideal for that purpose because I can slow donw the speaker’s speed.

    Coming back to my original question: Can I cut parts out of the main presentation?

    Thank you very much for your help and kind regards from Morrigan

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    You can export a region of a song (loop) into a new audio file with with the Export Pack Add-On available as an In-App-Purchase.

    When you export a song you can export the Original Song (unaltered) OR a Tuned Song which includes all the current settings including Tempo, Pitch, Gain, Pan, EQ, Retune, and even the current loop (which is what you want).

    To Export a song:

    1. Play (load) the song you want to export
    2. Make any adjustments to the song settings (Tempo, Pitch, Gain, …)
    3. Set a loop A and B around the region you want export and Enable Looping
    4. Tap the sharing button
    5. Choose “Export Song”
    6. Select “Tuned Song”
    7. Tap the “Export via ” button to send the file.
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