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    How do I create a play list or a set list?

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    Using Playlists and Folders

    Go the the Songs view and select the  Tunes category. 
    All Tunes contains all songs that have been played from your device's music library or imported directly into Anytune.
    Marked Tunes is a Playlist of songs that contain Marks.

    Tap the Add (Green Plus '+') button to create a folder or playlist or add a Song to the current Playlist. With Anytune Pro+ or by purchasing the Import Pack

    Folders contain playlists, and playlists contain songs. Folders cannot contain songs directly (just like iTunes).  

    1. Tap the Add ('+')
    2. Choose New Playlist, Give it "Name", and Tap Create Playlist
      It will now appear in the Tunes view, under Anytune Playlists.  
    3. Tap the newly created Playlist to go to it. (It will be empty)
    4. Tap the Add ('+')
    5. Choose how you would like to add songs to the current Playlist
    6. Tap iPod Library, Choose a category, and Tap the Songs to Add them.
      They will be added immediately. Tap Done when finished. 

    You can also rearrange songs my Moving or Copying them. 

    1. Tap the Edit button while in the Playlist you want manage.
    2. Select the Songs (use Check or No-Check to select all/none)
    3. Tap Trash can to delete
      Tap Folder to Move or Copy selected songs to a different Playlist
      (the destination must exist)

    You can also add the current song to a Playlist: 

    Tap on the "Song Title Bar" and then,
    Tap Add to a Playlist… to add the current song to an existing Playlist. 

    So you can pull songs into a Playlist by going to that Playlist and tapping Add ('+'), or you can push songs to another Playlist by Editing and using Move of Copy

    You can change the order of the songs in a Playlist

    1. Tap the  Sort button, and choose Sort method
      Choose Manual to allow you to drag songs into any order when Editing. 
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