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  • Mateusz Dorot
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    how can i bring out the congas in a song,

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    Hello iluv2salsa,

    Here is an interesting article about EQ’s:
    If you look near the bottom, it suggests that typical conga frequencies are:
    Congas: Resonance around 200-240Hz; slap at 5kHz.

    So what you could try is to go into the LiveMix EQ, create a couple of parametric filters. Park one at about 220Hz, and widen it so that it covers the 200-240Hz range. Then raise it near the top – this should bring out the resonance.

    With the second filter, park it at about 5KHz, keep a fairly narrow band, and again raise that up towards the top.

    EQ is a bit of an art, so have fun with it. 🙂

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