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    I recently buy your iOS and Mac app, it’s a very great app to transcribe, learn and work our favorite music. Thanks a lot!

    I want to use my old Roland FC-100 midi pedal foot (with GP-8 processor) to control Anytune.
    I have a midi/usb converter to connect my midi controller with the mac. It works perfectly, I’m used to use it to control Garageband with the add GarageRemote.

    I use MIDILogger or MIDI Monitor to verify the message send by my pedal foot, it’s like : C0 00, C0 01, C0 02, C0 03….

    My problem is that Anytune dont’ want learn this message. I enabled MIDI in, I configured Anytune to listen all channels (OMNI mode), I selected Play/Pause command and activate the button learn, but nothing… It seems like Anytune don’t want to recognize the message send by the pedal foot, but the message is correctly send because i see it on MIDILogger or MIDI Monitor!

    Could you help me please?

    Thanks a lot, and excuse me for my bad english.


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    Thanks Sam,

    OK, so when you click the Learn button the Learn Dialogue appears but does not disappear even when you can see the MIDI control messages in the system. The Controller number dopes not get set to match your pedals.

    Did you try setting them manually? Click on (highlight) the action/command you want to set and click the number pull-down in the bottom right. Does that allow you to map your pedals to actions?

    I assume C0 00, C0 01, C0 02, C0 03…. means Control Change 0 to 4 so that you controller is sending Control Change messages. verify your device is sending Control Change messages it does not handle Prog Change messages.

    With the MIDI Monitor and an iRig Blueboard I see:
    Time Source Message Channel Data
    23:03:12.625 From iRig BlueBoard Control 1 Controller 3 0
    23:03:12.625 From iRig BlueBoard Control 1 Controller 3 127

    Anytune ignores the data (0 | 127) in most cases. Some remotes will send both a CC 3 0 and CC 3 127 with a single press. Anytune will toggle Play On and then Off in this case and appear not to be working. Some devices allow you to modify this behaviour in settings.

    If your Roland is sending on all channels try picking one channel on Anytune or vice-a-versa. For actions like Play/Pause if it is listening on all channels. Anytune will act on the first CC Message it receives and if it receives 16 messages it will toggle on,off,on,……off.

    Anytune is working with a iRig Blueboard in the lab.

    I hope this helps. If not

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    Hi Tony,

    I have found a very good solution and it’s work perfectly!

    This solution could help some people want to use any midi controller with Anytune.

    I use the soft “Bome MIDI Translator Pro“, with this software in the section “Incoming” I learn the midi message send by my pedal, and in the section “Outgoing” I change the value (that was unreadalable by Anytune) by a new value that is readable by Anytune and sent it at the MIDI port of Anytune!
    Example of a translator (it’s the name given by the soft to program a rule) that I have done : for the message C0 00 sent by my pedal, I changed the value by 3, and send it in the MIDI port of Anytune. Then in Anytune, for the control Play/Pause in Midi section, I click the Learn button, the Learn Dialogue appears, I use the switch of my pedal and the Learn dialogue disappears. All is ok and ready to use!
    In conclusion I can programm a lot of command with the different switches of my pedal to control very simply Anytune.
    You just need to launch the software Bome MIDI Translator Pro, import your rules. And play!!!

    I hope it’s a little bit clear…and it can help some people!


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    I’d like to use an expression pedal in the port of my IK Blueboard to control the gain parameters in Anytune Pro+. I haven’t bought the Blueboard yet, pending this issue. Is this possible? Where can I find documentation on how this works and how to map these functions?

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    You can try it on the free version. It shuts off after three minutes, but you can see how to map MIDI Control Commands to Anytune functions and try it out.

    Go into Settings > MIDI
    Tap the Channel Controllers
    You will see all the commands and what they are mapped to.

    The last three commands in the list are:

    Increase Gain – this increases the gain of the Music in 3db increments (ignores value)
    Decrease Gain – this decreases the gain of the Music in 3db increments (ignores value)
    Volume – adjusts the system volume from mute value=0 to 127 full volume.

    Anytune works well with the iRig Blueboard, but we haven’t tried the expression pedal.

    I assume the continuous control pedals will send CC with values 0-127 but I can’t find this specifically started in the User guid.

    Anytune normally ignores the value and uses the CC to trigger a mapped command. the exception is the volume command and

    Go to Track
    Got to Mark
    Set Tempo
    Set Pitch

    Sorry I cannot absolutely confirm the behaviour of the iRig BlueBoard and Expression pedal connected to Anytune.

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