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    I know that MIDI cc signals from a full functioned MIDI keyboard with switches, faders, etc. can control Anytunes via Bluetooth pedals and keyboards, etc.

    But how about using piano keys on a MIDI keyboard. I know “keyswitches” can control things in DAWS such as depressing a C# to change a virtual instrument articulation, etc.

    Can you similarly use a MIDI piano keyboard to control Anytunes, e.g. Program it so that if I play a low C# “note on” that Anytune will respond and jump to a next loop point, etc. ?


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    What are “BBCodes” ? Bulletin Board Codes ? How do you use them ? And I don’t understand “to format your content”. I just want do define some sections of a tune with markers and use the midi piano keys to jump to them.

    And can anybody give me a short idiots guide on how to change or map my midi piano keyboard note on messages to midi CC numbers that Anytune will respond to, to jump to a marker, etc. ??

    Thanks, Bob

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    Yes, you can use the piano keys on a MIDI keyboard to control Anytune. This other post gives the details I think you are looking for on how to use it

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