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    I’ve been using Anytune Pro+ on my iPad and iPod Touch for about a year. What a great tool!

    Recently, though, I bought a Fender Mustang GT guitar amp with Bluetooth streaming. Streaming works works fine with most apps, it sort of works with Anytune Pro+. The problem is: when I pause a song in Anytune Pro+, Bluetooth is disconnected, and I need to go manually reconnect it in the Settings app. At first I thought this was a bug in the Fender amp’s firmware, but now that I’ve tested it with a few different apps — two drum machine apps, and the standard Apple Music app — Anytune Pro+ is the only app that’s disconnecting after it pauses.

    Is there a fix for this, or at least a workaround? Please note that this is not an issue of controlling the app with Bluetooth or MIDI.

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    Thanks and congrats on the new Amp.

    I am afraid I cannot explain this behaviour. Anytune sends Audio to the “System Output” and the operating system takes it from there. You can change the destination through the AirPlay button AirPlay beside the volume control in Anytune. This tells the OS the user is requesting a change to the system output.

    Tap this button before and after pausing in Anytune? Does the Fender Amp disappear from the list when Anytune pauses?

    Pausing Anytune should not affect the Bluetooth connection or selected output device. This is not a known issue.

    Please send us a Help request from with Help > There’s a problem > Send Feedback. This will open a ticket with our support team. Any details you can think of will help.

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    Thank you, Tony. Will do.

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