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  • Eric Tetz
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    I’d like to automatically play through an entire playlist, only playing marked regions. I’m a gigging musician with a huge number of songs to stay fresh on. I’d like to mark all the hot spots in every song (intros, bridges, solos, etc.), hit “Play”, and sit there for the next hour or two playing along as it cycles through these parts of all our songs.

    Is there a way to do that in AnyTune?

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    Hi Eric,

    You can use “SkipMarks” to remove sections of a song without changing the original song.

    Here’s how:

    1. Create a mark at the beginning of the section you want the skip and create a mark by tapping the Add Mark button Add Mark icon.
    2. Double tap the created mark in the Zoomed Wave View to reveal the Mark Details
    3. Tap the Little Arrow “>” top/right beside the Mark Title
    4. Choose “Skip Mark” – to change this mark to a Skip Mark
    5. When the playhead reaches this mark it will skip to the next mark – removing this section from the song.
    6. Now place a mark where you want the song to really begin.

    You can place SkipMark anywhere in the song. Create a SkipMark at the beginning of the section you want removed and a normal Position Mark at the end of the section you want removed.

    You can also “Export a Tuned Song” to create a new version of the track with all the adjustments including skipmarks, tempo, pitch, EQ, …. . The Export Add-On is required for this.

    You can create folders and Playlists in Anytune. Songs in your device’s music library will only be copied into Anytune to be played and deleted to free space when not needed.

    Eric Tetz
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    Cool. Just tried it and that’ll do the trick.

    EDIT: Adding skip marks appears to totally remove your ability to listen to the song normally. Is there a way to temporarily suppress skip marks if you don’t want to listen selectively?

    If I can make a suggestion: it would still be very useful to have the option to autoplay loop regions. When learning songs, you naturally create loop regions for tricky parts, solos, etc. If you could just run through those regions, you’re done. It’s trivial to refresh your chops on a song.

    To achieve the same thing with skip marks, I’ll have to through hundreds of songs and explicitly mark all the negative regions, which is extra work and clutters up my mark list. It’s also harder to maintain (you can’t snap to the end of a loop region to insert a skip mark, moving the end of the loop region doesn’t update the skip mark, etc.). And having skip marks in a song also makes it impossible to interact with normally.

    When I was digging around the interface and found the “Toggle PlayNext” button, I was excited, assuming from the name that it did exactly what I wanted. Instead, it looks like it’s a way of using Anytune as a sampler/Ableton/DJ rig. That’s a neat feature, but I’m not sure who the audience for it is. There are dedicated tools that are better suited for that purpose. I think a button to run through loop regions would be more valuable to the primary audience of Anytune. I did a google search to find a way to temporarily ignore skip marks, and I found something looking for the same functionality I am.


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    Thanks Eric, We really appreciate your time sharing your ideas and feedback.

    Agreed, SkipMarks are not the optimal solution for what you want to do. Your problem (of automatically playing all the designated hotspots across a playlist) is an interesting one to test of our planned capabilities.

    Instead of SkipMarks and with a little more manual effort you can:

    1 – Create a loop (LoopMark) around all the parts you want to practice.
    You can use regular marks to break up a song for easy navigation and create Loops around the hotspots or Tag LoopMarks with a common Prefix
    2- Put all the songs in a Play list
    3- Start at the song and select the hotspot by tapping it in the mark list.
    4- Tap the next loop, then the next song until you are done.

    This does not automatically get through all the hotspots but it sets it up. Just turn off looping and the song plays as normal.

    AutoLoop automatically sets the A an B to the marks immediately surrounding the Playhead. See

    PlayNext allows you to choose the next loop to play without missing a beat. See


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