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    I’m having difficulty starting Anytune on my iPhone 6 (os:10.1.1 ). I got the update on dec 5 and now when I start it up, I get a progress bar across the bottom of the anytune banner screen with the spinning “wait” icon. It goes slowly, about halfway, then crashes, back to the desktop (I guess that’s what you call it on iOS). I don’t have any iCloud sharing, and I’ve restarted the phone several times, even with both the home button and power button pressed, and made sure no other apps were running

    I see that I can reload the app, and on the faq it says I can save my data by going to settings and selecting “share settings” – but I’m thinking that’s from within Anytune – so if I can’t get it, I’m presuming my only option is to lose the data, start from scratch.

    any suggestions?

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    I apologize that Anytune is failing to launch after the upgrade. We did a lot of upgrade testing, so it is frustrating for all of us to have it fail.

    Please do not delete Anytune. If you delete and reinstall Anytune you will loose any songs that were imported directly into Anytune through Open-In, Dropbox, WiFi or Record.  Your settings will be saved to iCloud if it is turned on.

    We have had a few people report a similar issue but have not been able to reproduce the problem.

    We have submitted an update to Apple for review (4.0.1) for a fix of bug we have found. I can send you this fix as a beta tester to see if it helps your issue.

    Send us a message and see Did Anytune Crash for instructions for sending us a crash report. The report could really help.

    I am very sorry for the trouble.

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    thanks for the reply – if I can supply any info, let me know. If testing the beta helps you, then I’m up for that

    thanks again

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