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    I also sent this directly to support. adding it here to see if anyone else has some feedback about this.

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    Anytune Pro+ is a primary tool in my workflow for editing my podcasts (https://soundcloud.com/peopleconversations). I first listen to the raw audio in your app, on my iPhone 6+ and sometimes on my iPad air two. I use “skip” bookmarks to cut out awkward and unnecessary moments. I listen through it once to make the edits, then listen through it again to verify.

    I then go through each bookmark, one by one. For each one, in a digital audio workstation on my desktop (Reaper on Windows), I go to exactly that time stamp and cut out each of the segments. I then properly cross fade all remaining pieces to make it sound good.

    I then listen to the edited version again in Anytune Pro+. I usually find a few more places that need editing, which I again mark with “skip“ bookmarks. It usually only takes two iterations.

    I love how Anytune Pro+ allows me to get most of my editing workflow away from my desktop computer. I can just do it on my phone at my convenience, Even some of it while I’m driving (so I don’t die, I just roughly mark where an edit is needed…I go back later to do it more exactly).

    I have some thoughts on what I think would dramatically improve your interface without taking away from your app’s original purpose of practicing music (which it is also excellent for).

    My biggest annoyance by far: It is too easy to click in the full timeline and accidentally jump to an unwanted place, with no way to return to where you were. (I’m talking about the down-pointing red block-arrow.) I wish that there was something like an option that only allowed you to change place like this if you first hold your finger down on the timeline for a second or so. Similar to when moving your cursor in text, where it shows a magnifying loupe so you can see exactly what you’re doing. Better yet would be that, if you move your finger far above the timeline WITHOUT lifting it up, the cursor wouldn’t move at all. Or some sort of history where I could go back-and-forth and then none of this would be an issue.

    My other major annoyance is when I accidentally place a skip mark and forget to put another mark after it, and it immediately goes to the next audio file without warning. Please stop doing that 🙂 At least an option for an are-you-sure dialog.

    I wish there were three kinds of bookmarks: startskip, endskip, and labelmark. Labelmarks would be ignored by skipstarts, allowing me to more easily put informational marks in the middle of an edited-out section.

    I would like startskips to be pink. It would be a bonus if the waveform between start and endskips would also be color-coded pink (or a faded version of the startskip color).

    I would like endskips to be green. I would choose a few different colors for labelmarks, depending on their purpose.

    So in addition to having a list of names and letter abbreviations that I can assign to a mark, it would be amazing to also have a list of pre-created mark settings (delay, pitch, speed, etc., with the new characteristic of color). The ability to duplicate one of these settings would allow me to create a new labelmark type with the same characteristics but a different color.

    Finally, in the bookmark list, it would be great to be able to filter either by mark color or type. An example use for this would be to have one labelmark type to be “section markers“ which would be very beneficial to help navigate through two-hour long podcasts.

    Thank you for listening, I hope you might consider some of these changes. I wouldn’t even bother thinking this through if it wasn’t an excellent app to begin with.

    – Please keep this information –
    I’m using Anytune Pro+ +Export version 4.2.1 (ID: D131-9253) on my iPad Air 2 (Wifi) running iOS 11.3.

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    I forgot to mention my very most important request:

    Your current export text file (containing the timestamp and type for all bookmarks in a song) is currently in the format seconds.milliseconds.

    I WISH you would would add an additional field in the format of


    Although I can translate your current timestamp (seconds.milliseconds) to hour:minutes:seconds.milliseconds, it takes a good 30 minutes of work to do so for each song.

    This is what I need in order to iterate through each book mark on my desktop computer.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I would happily pay for a new version of the app with these changes. Or in app purchases or whatever it takes.

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    I understand hitting the full wave by accident is frustrating. Thinking about this one

    Go to Anytune > Settings > Playback Options > Enable “Stop at End of Track”
    this will stop you from going to the next song when skipping to the end.

    We are planning on additional mark capabilities, including hierarchy, color, naming and function.

    I asked some clarifying questions in the response from the support Email.

    The config is a JSON text file and intended for app use only. It is not intended to be human readable. The value in this file cannot changed easily.

    When you Share you song. Choose “Share Dog Settings and Marks” and Email.
    The Email will contain a a list of marks with time stamps H:M:S:M. Does this help?

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